Poly Steel`s history

Industrial Poly Steel Co. with more than 30 years glory, has been set up in Tabriz in 1361in field of manufacturing stainless steel dish- washing sinks.
In 1372 Poly steel was bought by Mr Seyed Mohammad Reza Seyed Salehi zade and 100 percent of capital transferred to new shareholders.
In 1374 Poly steel`s owners have set up a commerce department in Tehran. It was a distinctive action in order to improving commercial target. Also in this year we succeeded  to receive Expoiltation  License with annual 360000 capacity.
High quality, innovation, diversity, integrity and customer oriented policy lead to export of these products to more than 35 countries around the world.
Also, in 1376 Extemplary Exporter certification granted to Poly Steel by the Industrial Ministry.
In 1377 manufacturing segmentation has been established in Sazman Ab street. and  Industrial Activity License has been received for more than 34000 all kind of sinks.
Our products has been made of  best raw materials ,components and high quality machinary as developed countries.
Manufacturing  of 3 bowls sinks for the first time in the Middle East is another pride for us.
This company with utilizing of modern technology of  Sealing, has become the first firm in using PU in generating washing sinks.
Developing and establishment of machinery department and purchase advanced CNC polish and wheel machines, due to improve making template according to costumers` taste and expectation with more than 150 kinds of  classic and fantasy sinks.                            

As per of developing goal of corporation, in 1384 for Khoramdasht sector –industrial zone, was placed in 25th km of  east of  Tehran- license of trading has been received and this company was established. also in this place manufactures plastic template for plastic section of siphons.
In 1385 generating of hob cookers and ovens were started and these products with observation of  famous outsourcing companies as Schott and Sabaf  have been launched to the target with high quality and variety.
We have been accredited with the below quality certification:
1. Exemplary Exporter certification by Industrial Ministry.
2. ISO 14001-2004
3. ISO 9001-2008
4. ISIRI 2551 for dish-washing sink
5. For the first time in Iran set up Acrodite laboratory for sink and receiving certification for aforesaid activity.
6. Choosing as Exemplary Quality entity in 1389 by west Azarbayjan Standard headquarter.
7. Choosing as Exemplary Quality entity in 1390 by Tehran Standard headquarter.
8. Obtaining  National Standard Logo for manufacturing all kinds of hob cookers and ovens.
9. Obtaining  National Standard Logo for manufacturing all kinds of sinks